Global pandemic strikes businesses

New strict dining rules and procedures

Matthew Russell, Plaid Truth Staff

Throughout the past months, the Covid-19 pandemic has been detrimental to our society in an abundance of ways. It has changed the daily life of people in a negative way. A big issue going on right now is the struggle of businesses all over the world. Small businesses are going out everywhere and larger corporations are hanging on by a thread. Employee’s are now facing pay cuts or being told they are let go, therefore they will need to apply for unemployment. Families are struggling financially because of what this pandemic has brought to businesses. 

       There are now restrictions put on restaurants; no dining inside, and every other table only being used. Fortunately, Bailey Sherman, a food runner at Islands in Simi Valley was able to do an interview to explain his experiences in the workplace throughout this pandemic. “Ever since the pandemic happened, I have only been seeing two of my coworkers and almost everything in the restaurant has changed from the food items, new signs, and strict cleaning procedures after a customer leaves,”  Bailey said. Another Islands waiter, Nikki Ruiz, has also shared her thoughts about the situation. She said, “I am the only server left here because all  the other servers were let go since the company can’t afford to pay all of us. For the past eight months we’ve been having to get our temperatures checked daily and we must wear a mask during our whole shift. Seating has been limited to outside and it’s every other table for proper social distancing.” The workplace has changed drastically and no one will know when things will start to reach normalcy, and this could be the new normal for a while.