Breathtaking art exhibit


Plaid Truth Staff

The Wall of “R’s” on display in the art gallery.

Yumnah Shoaib, Editor-in-Chief

Many have students enjoy visiting museums such as the MoMA, the Louver, and the Musée d’Orsay, so it was no shock that students were lining up to visit our student art gallery.

This beautiful art gallery took place at lunch on February 9 and 10 in room 2-6, which is on the east side of the library. This showing took place during lunch and showcased different paintings, digital art pieces, and a wall of “R’s” made by highlanders.

As a fun treat, teachers were given tickets to hand out to two lucky students to take part in a raffle. The prize for this raffle was a pack of water-colored pens, and senior Kiara Aguilar was the lucky winner.

Many works of art on display. (Plaid Truth Staff)