Dancing with the Highlander stars


Savannah Downes

Dance team member practicing for upcoming events.

Savannah Downes, Reporter

The dance team season is coming in full swing with their upcoming event, Dancing With the Highlander Stars. This event is going to be held on December 17, in the gym, starting at 6 p.m. The cost to attend the event is only $5 for students and $10 for adults. The dancers ask athletes or people from other clubs to dance with them, and there is a dance competition. 

Senior dance captain Gabriella Muñoz said, The thing I enjoy most about dancing is the sense of freedom it gives me. In a way it’s a form of storytelling, where you as an artist get to determine whether that story is happy, sad, confusing, mysterious, etc… My favorite genre of dance is contemporary for this very reason. It gives you the most creative freedom to express what you would like.”

One of my favorite styles of dance is hip-hop because of the high energy when performing. I’ve been dancing since I was little, whether it be around my house or in a studio,” said sophomore dancer Maiya Vallejo.

Our dance teams this year are looking forward to this event, and they hope to see you there.