The stress of driving


Sophia Serrano

Senior driver Sabrina Serrano filling up her tank with her father paying the gas price!

Sophia Serrano, Reporter

All around campus are parking lots full of your classmates’ cars. Most students who work toward their permit start their sophomore year. Online courses can last up to 30 hours of a student’s time. This takes up school work hours and adds stress to their mental health.

Senior Haley Ronk said, “I quit trying to finish the online course numerous times before finally getting my license because it kept getting in the way of my school, work, and me time.”

More students are refusing to try to get their license or even their permit, just because of the heavy workload that comes with it. Several seniors still have not gotten their licenses just because of this reason. The rise in gas prices is not helping some students’ situation as well. Students who just started driving are thrown into $5-7 per gallon when filling their tank. As compared to $2-3 which was known as the normal gas price. Although many teens are supported by their parents, some have looked into working for themselves.

“I looked into my first job when I finally got my license and I am very glad I did. I think that dealing with these prices would have added to my parent’s stress even more if they had to fill my tank as well as theirs,” said Senior Jocelyn Cervantes.

However, it is all worth it in the end. Driving around with friends to the best food places is one of the best feelings for teens. Many enjoy helping out their parents by taking their siblings to school. You also gain independence and have the feeling like you truly are growing up. Therefore, do not be worried when it is your turn to get behind the wheel.