Highlanders are passionate about Smash Bros.


Conner Noeske-Landis

Mr. Habroun playing Smash in his class after school, in preparation for the next tournament!

Conner Noeske-Landis, Reporter

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was released December 7, 2018, and now it is finally starting to make a bit of a wave on our campus. Smash is a party game on the Nintendo Switch. There are four games other than Ultimate. It is a game where people choose their favorite beloved video game character and battle their friends to be the last person standing on the stage. It is loved by many and is played both competitively and casually.

Tournaments have been taking place all over the world featuring the different Smash installments for the past 20 years. The community of the game may not be as large as other e-sports, but its simplicity is what makes the game special. “I play the game because simplicity makes things great,” said Mr. Habroun, one of our history teachers. He brings a switch to school every day for students to play Smash.

On February 18, Habroun hosted a tournament in his room after school. Ten players were in attendance, which isn’t a lot, but it is enough for stiff competition. A freshman by the gamertag of “Lu” won the event playing his favorite character R.O.B In fact he took the tournament swiftly, not dropping a single set. “I started playing smash when I was around three or four years old,” said freshman Michael Braswell, winner of the latest tournament, “The game is pretty important to me because it’s how I met most of my friends. I picked R.O.B. because he’s a robot and I want to be an engineer when I’m older.” There wasn’t an official prize for this tournament but it may not always be like that. Unfortunately, Habroun had to postpone the March 4 tournament but said there is going to be one for sure in the coming weeks. There was actually another tournament before and they used it to raise money for a CSI project. All of the contenders brought money to pitch in for the prize and the donations. “Even though I know I won’t win, I really like watching some of the students that are especially talented,” said Habroun. “My favorite part is that people from many different friend groups and backgrounds enjoy the game.”

Smash has become a bigger part of Habroun’s classroom, and it is clear that it isn’t going anywhere. There is no confirmed date for the next tournament but it is coming soon. Whether or not there is prize money, the players still enjoy the game and will still show up to the tournament at the end of the day. If you want to know more about the tournaments in the future or just want to talk about Smash, you can email Mr. Habroun or visit his class.