The growing popularity of Wordle

Shya Samadani, Reporter

As the game Wordle has risen in popularity, does it feel like it came out of nowhere? Figuring out the new special word that comes out at midnight every day seems to become a new thing that teens are doing in their free time.

You have six chances to guess the mystery word. Each word you put in for a guess will have a color behind each letter telling you how close you are to finding out the daily word. Green will show you that you guessed that letter correctly and the spot that it is in. Yellow tells you that have the right letter but in the wrong space. Finally, gray means that it is the wrong letter and is not being used.

You are probably wondering why people play, senior Layla Mulford said, “I play with my friends mostly during my fourth period when we get bored and have finished everything.” Wordle is an easy yet frustrating quick game. Mulford said, “I get so mad when I can’t figure out the word and it can be the easiest thing and you just would never guess that.”

Wordle is a game that you can play with your friends. Senior Dallan Barr recommends the game because, “It’s neat, it’s engaging for your mind and that’s probably why other people play.” Games like these could be fun competitions you could have with family, friends or even possibly your English teacher. IB English Teacher Mrs. Fischer said, “I’ve never played the game but I think it could be something fun to try. I don’t think it will help with your reading or writing skills but it seems like a good thing to keep doing to get your mind thinking.” Wordle could be something new that you try today!