Winter Formal 2022


Lanna Chop

Students spotted dancing the night away at Winter Formal!

Lanna Chop, Reporter

Finally, after two years, the school has returned with the annual Winter Formal Dance for all students. Recently on Saturday, January 29, students eagerly attended the dance after not having a Winter Formal due to the COVID-19 pandemic the year before.

The dance was held at the Majestic Theater in Ventura, where the dance took place two years prior, from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. Formal usually occurs in late January of the school year, and all grades are welcome to participate, from freshman to seniors!

It is an exciting way for students to interact and have fun, dancing between the event’s homecoming and prom for seniors. After talking to current students who attended the dance, they gave feedback on their opinions on the event and how it played out compared to past years.

Junior Harmony Hall went to this year’s formal, and the formal pre-pandemic. After asking Hall how this year compared to before, she stated, “It felt like a different environment, and a lot more people came to the last formal compared to this year, but it was still just as fun.” Hall also explained, “It was a lot of fun dancing with my friends.”

Senior Tanner Petty had similar things to say about the dance. When asked what Petty’s favorite part of the dance was he said, “Dancing to the music and spending time with my friends.” Petty continued, “I really enjoyed where the dance was located. There were lots of nice restaurants nearby and it was calming walking around downtown Ventura.” Lastly, Petty explained, “It was a great way to spend my senior year formal… It was a great time.”

Winter Formal has been a tradition at our school that will continue for years to come. If you haven’t been before, make sure you go next year, it is the perfect way to create lasting memories!