Friendsgiving Dinner!

Guadalupe Franco , Plaid Truth Staff

Thanksgiving dinner is a special holiday. You sit with family and eat dinner while you give your thanks. Well, these students did something similar with each other. In this photo, we have two seniors, Guadalupe and Carina, this is their last year here, and they celebrated with some of their friends. There are five juniors, Jaylene, Luis, Ryan, Rosenberg, and Saul. Some of the freshmen joined as well, specifically Harmony, Bella, Rabecca, and Iliana. Not only are they celebrating their last year with their two senior friends, but also welcoming a new face. Edgar is an 8th grader who will be joining the Highlanders next year. Carina and Guadalupe were thankful for their last year of memories with their friends, and Edgar was happy to have made new friends for his upcoming year at Royal High School.