That time of the year seniors…college applications


Lanna Chop

Senior Hailey Theobald stressed working on her college applications, trying to perfect her essays to get her into her dream schools!

Lanna Chop, Reporter

It is that time of year again for high school seniors, the dreaded process of filling out college applications. During the months of November and December, a majority of college applications are due for early action/early decision. Early action allows seniors to get their application results faster than regular applicant deadlines, hence the earlier due dates. Many seniors have been working very hard to finish submitting all the final details on their applications to have the best chance of getting into their top colleges!

This year, we do not have a College & Career Counselor to help seniors with their college process. Senior Hailey Theobald expressed how she felt about the absence of a college mentor on campus and said, “It has definitely been more challenging, but I have been encouraged to talk to my main counselor to help guide me through this task.” Theobald´s counselor is Mrs. Intlekofer, whom she sees regarding any questions or help she needs when managing college procedures. “It has been nice to know there is always someone to go to on campus, despite not having a labeled College & Career counselor,” stated Theobald.

Senior Tanner Petty thought about how he has handled his college applications thus far, “I feel I have done everything I can to the best of my ability, and I have completed all my applications, but I wish I had known how long this would have taken, so I could have initially given myself more time. In the end, I submitted all my work, but I never knew how lengthy college applications are, and how much writing goes into each of them.” Petty feels he was prepared but wishes he started his application process a few more months ahead of time, to give himself the most time to refine his essays, instead of cramming at the last minute. Petty also stated the hardest part of working on his applications has been his lack of knowledge. “I would use Google to look up everything I needed to know about each college, and what they were looking for. I eventually obtained all the information I needed, but I just wish I had known it sooner than I did,” said Petty when asking him to evaluate how prepared he was.

College applications are no joke! It is important for our highlanders to prepare for all the steps so they can submit everything before the deadline. Best of luck to our seniors!