Helping those in need at the food drive

Sophia Serrano, Reporter

Since September 16, Key Club members have been helping the community by stacking cans at a food drive.

The Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church hosts a voluntary food drive every Thursday from 2-6 p.m. Participants come forward to visit this church every week in shifts to serve produce to people in need. Having fun is also part of the position.

“I am an introverted person, but this event is always my time to be outgoing and cheerful when laughing with my friends and fellow members,” said senior Melanne Montenegro.

These representatives are behind tables that take eager people who each have their bags to fill. They can each take a certain amount of products, such as dairy, fruits, and vegetables.

In addition to food essentials, household items are included as well. Racks of costless clothing are hung outside the church by dedicated students.

There are roughly 17 boxes filled with clothes and accessories citizens donate to assist in the food drive. This strenuous job also includes making sure every can of food is organized and ready for the next person.

However, this act does not only solely benefit those in troubled times but also the students. Every time club members show up to this hard-working event, those students are one step closer to earning their cord at graduation.

The satisfaction of giving free goods to those who need it is also a strong result of this volunteer event.

“It is a really good experience to help struggling people because everyone goes through different things,” senior Sabrina Serrano said. “Just knowing you’re helping to make the public’s situation a little better, makes you happy.”

Key Club has a group of determined volunteers who want to support people any way they can. This student-run organization also helps each person build a community through service, using their skills to evolve into leaders. Meetings are held every Wednesday on the grass outside the CSI room. Any students who would like the opportunity to join next year are always welcome.