ROP pathways and classes

Mayah Taylor, Reporter

The pathways are academic and career coursework where students can explore careers and get hands-on training to prepare them for either college or the workplace. There are ten pathways of classes offered at Royal. Some include education, law enforcement, digital arts, culinary arts, and more. For some courses students can come out with certifications and dual community college credits, and go on to continue their career study in college or be ready to go straight into the workplace.

Aside from the ten pathways offered at Royal, there are even more options available for students at the Career Education Center in Camarillo. These courses include advanced naval technologies, manufacturing, auto technology, welding, certified nursing assistant, and a few more. There is a bus that takes students from Royal to their classes at the Career Education Center.

“I’ve had students right after completing go straight into the medical field,” said career education coordinator, Rita Longo.

ROP classes take two years to complete and include internships for the students to get hands-on experiences. Students can find out what career they are passionate about or even realize a career they thought they wanted just isn’t right for them.

A few years ago, a Career Expo held in the MPR, allowed students to explore and be introduced to ROP classes and pathways offered on campus. Each pathway had a table set up with photos or items to show what that course was about, some of the things they did, and the opportunities the students in that course had. Students could go around and learn about career courses they might be interested in as well as talk to the teacher and some of the students in that course. However, due to Covid-19, it is believed that another Career Expo will probably not be held this year.

For more information see Mrs. Longo in the Work Experience office, room 2-11, located in the back of the library. Additional information can also be found on the Royal website or the Ventura County Career Education Center website.