Fashion trends on campus

Julius White, Reporter

Over the past few months, there have been lots of fashion trends at Royal among the students. A variety of fashion trends have gained traction thanks to Tiktok, Instagram, YouTube, and other social media platforms containing influential people. 

For example, one category to touch on is shoes. Footwear types such as Vans, Air Force 1’s (white lows to be specific), and low top Jordan ‘dunks’ are a few of the common footwear styles among female and male students. Other trendy styles students and teachers may see are baggy and/or oversized clothing. This ranges from large hoodies, oversized tee’s, baggy jeans/sweats, and things of that sort. 

It has been apparent to teachers, staff, and students themselves in our times style changes. With that being said, the question asked was, “Have you seen the different fashion and style trends here at Royal?” Senior Anthony Serrano responded with, “Even as silly as it sounds, masks have been a huge part of our everyday wardrobe, and the fact that we’ve had to adjust to that, different style masks to match our outfits is the most influential in my opinion.” 

Another source, senior Morrigan Wilhelm said, “I have seen lots of the fashion trends, I like it, I think it’s cool and trendy, but also unique and expressive.” When asked the same question, senior America Rodriguez said, “Well for the guys, I’ve seen some wearing pearl necklaces, as well as wearing backward fitted hats. And for the girls, a trendy one is flared leggings/jeans, obviously the worldwide Air Forces trend and the Jordan retro trend.” Rodrigues further stated that “Girls with hairstyles, a trendy look is when they put their hair up with big clips.” 

Touching on what was said earlier about the baggy look, Junior Denise Alverez said, “The baggy look is a trend, I’ve seen most girls at Royal wear kind of a streetwear style, baggy jeans, some sort of Nike Jordan’s, and crop tops or shirts that match their shoes.” Also on the baggy side, Senior Cezhon Gayton said, “There’s a lot of baggy/ comfortable clothing styles that represent drip.” On the flip side, some people haven’t necessarily seen a trend in the outfit ideas and fashion here, but still have an opinion about it. 

Senior Jordyn Gapol said, “I haven’t necessarily seen many trends, but just a wider variety of outfits around school and more unique choices being made.” 

With all of that said, it is only a matter of time before we see what trends will pass before us again. Maybe styles from the ’80s, ’90s, and early ’00s will come back to life again and begin to cycle through each class of students!