The celebration of Hispanic Heritage month, and the Spanish department

Rosario Villalba, Reporter

Hispanic Heritage month is one where people of Hispanic backgrounds can show their love for their culture. Many Spanish-speaking people take this as an opportunity to show off their incredible culture, different traditions, and the beauty of this celebration.

The Spanish department has come up with some fun activities for this year’s classes. As classes last year were virtual, Ms. Niccole Bishop, a Spanish teacher, this year is planning many activities to have her students participate in. Considering the past year, she plans on making classes fun again. As well as addressing that students will be adjusting this year due to the lack of in-person education students have had.

“This year I’m mainly doing more writing/reading activities, less grammar,” Bishop said about this year’s in-class activities to help students more with it.

She also mentioned how she’s trying to build up the relationship between her and her students. Showing that she is a resource for them, if they’re confused about the material in class or outside of class.

This year, to show the kids about Hispanic culture, Bishop has put together a class activity with different Hispanic countries. Students go one by one listening to different Hispanic songs, rating which ones were the best. Another activity her class recently ended off doing was a presentation on a famous Hispanic person of their choosing. This included getting the basic information about them, what country they are from, and other facts.

Overall with Hispanic Heritage Month along with the Spanish department development this year. “My goal is to build trusting and good relationships with my students, get to know them more throughout the year,” Bishop said as the school continued with in-person classes.