Freshman back in action

Kunle Ande, Reporter

As of early 2020, a global pandemic has been affecting the lives of families all across Simi Valley. The pandemic began due to an increase in cases of Covid-19. For our current freshmen students, this occurred in their 7th-grade year. All of a sudden, the district was insisting that students stay home, and school was no longer in person. 

Due to the circumstances, teachers and students had to learn how to use Zoom and implement lessons and homework virtually. During the summer of 2020, many students were worried about whether they would ever go back to in-person classes, and what the upcoming school year would look like. After the end of summer, it was decided by the district that schools would remain online and learn through Zoom. 

After the first semester, the district allowed students to return in person through hybrid learning. Although going back to in-person learning was an option, not a lot of people went because they were being cautious. As of this school year, students here at Royal will all be learning in person. With this in action, this is the first time many of the underclassmen have been on campus, including sophomores. 

High school is a definite change from middle school, and certain things you may have expected may not have been the reality. Here are some of the thoughts and opinions of students who may have expected high school to be different or are not surprised. 

Freshman Cade Conmay said, “I didn’t expect high school to be this fun, we get to interact and meet new people while being able to participate in clubs and sports.” Although students here have been going back to in-person learning for months, some have not yet adjusted to the work amount and mental stress school amounts on your body. 

When interviewing the freshman counselor about problems students have been facing Mrs. Aamina Hennings said, “The hardest part has been the emotional part [because] this is the area where students struggle the most.” Some advice Hennings recommends is to “have a trusted adult that you can talk to, [and] communicate with your parents.”

Finally, “not [having] missing work because this stresses you out and you want to start the right way.” Overall, high school is a place where memories are created and friendships are made.