What to expect after high school

Amare Brown, Plaid Truth Staff

For many high school students, graduating high school is a nerve-wracking experience.  It is their first step into adulthood and many people do not even know where to start. Whether you decide to study at a university or college, learn a trade, or enter the job market, you need to start with a plan. The first step would be to talk to career counselors, teachers, or your parents for help and guidance. They are the greatest choices to talk about the next step in life because they have experience of their own.

When finding a career that you like, you should experiment and become creative. When being creative, you open your mind to finding new interests, hobbies, and talents. You want to make sure that this career is something that you enjoy and is your passion. With imagination, the sky is the limit.  If you are interested in sports, music, video games, fashion and other areas you should find jobs that related to your interests. 

Khari Thomas, a Royal High graduate said, “When I was a senior in high school I didn’t know what I would be doing in the future. I wanted to pursue basketball but with the pandemic, it has been hard for me to move forward. I am currently working and attending college at Moorpark and I am satisfied with my career.” One of the most common options for life after high school is attending college. Students can attend a university which helps prepare them for multiple careers. Although college is a challenge, It can allow you access to many resources and pathways. If you are not ready for a university, you can attend a two-year college and transfer out when you feel ready. Also, If you are a student who likes hands-on learning and would like to learn about a specific career, Trade school may be right for you. These colleges and programs help students build time management and study skills that will benefit their college experience and adult life. It recommended that students should speak with their guidance counselors to find what is the best option for them

When asked about his current career, Joe Hannah who is a former Royal High graduate said, “After graduating, I’ve been focusing on working and saving money. I do not plan to attend college and am also focusing on my music career.” College and trade schools are not the only options for students graduating. Another option is working and taking a gap year off school. Taking a gap year can allow students to have time to focus on themselves and their goals. It also gives them the opportunity to work and gain experience. 

Joining the military is a great option for people who are uncertain about their future goals. 

The military is perfect for people who are athletic and enjoy physical activity, Military training involves practice and repetition. This can help teach an individual discipline and give them many skills that will help them in life.

Students are not the only ones who are feeling super nervous and overwhelmed. Parents also play a role in a student’s career. When these students are transitioning into adulthood, they have to be prepared for what life has to come. One of the precautions they can take is to be sure that their child receives the education and skills that will be necessary once high school is completed. Their children should be able to do things such as cook, do the laundry, or even mow their yard. Without these skills in life, it will be extremely difficult to be successful.

Lastly, students should stay eager and enthusiastic about what the future holds. They are entering another chapter of their life and it is one of the most important transitions that teenagers will experience. By finding your goals and passion,  it will be an eye-opener and key to a successful future.