Fresh air school

Abigail Christie, Plaid Truth Staff

 Would in person outdoor school benefit students in today’s society? Outdoor school would mean more space to spread out so students can take breaks from wearing a mask. Also, it would improve the behavior of students. With outdoors learning students may be more happy about coming to school on a day with nice weather because they get to enjoy it while they’re learning. “I would rather learn outside because it gives me peace of mind and breathing fresh air will help me focus,” said freshman Nicole Miessner. This could also help with student attendance. This means that with all the restrictions everyone has to follow right now outdoor learning could help follow those in a way some students will like.

    On the down side people who get distracted easily would get less work done and overall pay less attention. Also if there is bad weather it would be very hard to learn outside with papers flying away and rain coming down. “I would rather have school inside a classroom because it would be easier to focus than outside with everything around you and being outside can be too loud and distracting,” said freshman Jenna Valencia. “And you never know what the weather is like so it could also be difficult to plan because of that.” This means that learning outdoors could also harm a students grade and overall attention level. That matters because it would be more harmful for some students than it would help them.

    Some students would rather be outside in the fresh air but some would rather be in a classroom to help them stay on task. If there was a compromise where some days the teacher would teach outside and others inside. For example if it was a nice day out they would teach outside but if it was raining or gloomy they would teach inside. This way the students would rather learn indoors and the ones that would rather learn outdoors would get their chance to learn the way they want.