Senior safari

Jackie Mendoza, Campus Life Editor

Royal held a special event for the seniors on November 5. This event was being held so that the seniors could get together and have fun during their last year of high school. This year the theme was safari, so students dressed up in outfits that fit as the theme. The event held polls with different categories like for example one of the categories was “Sweet as Sugar”, and then whoever got the most votes would get called up to receive their certificate. Although not many people won a category, they all had a fun time with friends.
Throughout the dinner the seniors played many activities. In the beginning they had to answer questions so that the table of students could get food and drinks.
Senior Hannah Sunter said, “It took forever to get the food.” All these questions were funny to ask because not many people knew how to answer them even though they were common sense questions. Another activity that we did was play Kahoot. This Kahoot had questions based on what the senior class knew. Like for example, there was a question that asked, “Who is in charge of the seniors activities.” The seniors who were the top three on the scoreboard had the opportunity to win a senior shirt or an inflatable animal.
Senior dinner is a fun tradition for seniors. This is a great way to gather every senior so they could spend a good time together. There were many students and parents who participated in this activity. Senior Mariela Guzman said, “It was alright, but it wasn’t worth the fifteen dollars.”