Happiest place on earth


Alex Edgar, Editor in Chief

On November 6, the International Baccalaureate and Yearbook programs went for a fun day of leadership training at Disneyland. They went as part of Disney’s Youth Education Series and were able to spend a majority of the day roaming the park before participating in a fun leadership program based on Walt Disney and his leadership model.
Walt Disney said the secret to making dreams come true is through the 4 C’s of leadership: courage, curiosity, constancy, and confidence. Our students were split into groups, and within those groups their tour guides led them through many interactive activities and team-building exercises.
The goal of these activities was to teach students how to step beyond their comfort zones, analyze their own goals and develop strategies to achieve them, and discover how to grow into a leader who reflects the character and core values they most admire. As part of the leadership training, students were given fastpasses for two rides: Pirates of the Caribbean and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.
Junior IB Diploma Candidate Alexia Armstrong said, “The IB Disney trip was really fun! The days activities helped us feel like we were all one big family. Also, the leadership training was very motivational and pushed me to get out of my comfort zone to talk to new people and try new things.” Junior IB Diploma Candidate Alexis Minae said, “The IB Disney trip was an amazing experience, and the leadership training helped me interact with people I probably otherwise wouldn’t have and reminded me of the potential that we all have as future leaders.” Junior Yearbook student Sidra Malik said, “It was an amazing experience. I’m grateful for the teachers who helped make it possible and it’s definitely something I’ll remember for years to come.”