Rebels at heart

Cora Pendley, Opinion Editor

Imagine a world with no music. No way of expressing yourself when words don’t do it justice. It would be unbearable to not have music in our hearts or in the world. “My life would’ve been completely different, and I wouldn’t have something to de-stress me”, said junior Uday Khattar, a member of Rebel Romance about the importance of music in his life.

Rebel Romance is a band which won’t stay silent even if you tried. A brand new Rock N’ Roll band, right here in Simi Valley! The band is comprised of senior Elvis Pham, junior Joel Hernandez, junior Uday Khattar, and junior Sammy Edgar. Rebel Romance is so much more than just some friends messing around in high school, they are more like a family.

The four rock stars met in VoiceMale, the male choir here at Royal High. Almost a year ago was the beginning of this amazing journey for the rockstars! Even some of the teachers are fans of the band. “The band has a stage presence and charisma not often seen from young performers. They have the ability to entertain a live audience. It would be difficult not to smile when they play,” said Mr. Dennert, an AP World history teacher.

“All of us loved Rock N’ Roll. We loved performing and singing and playing music, and we all had a dream that we would be in a band one day,” explained Edgar.  When Rebel Romance performs, their energy always has the crowd jumping and begging for more! “It’s a rush! It’s just a rush,” exclaimed Edgar. “It’s so much fun, especially when you got guys like I do, playing with you. Having fun alongside the people I love and care about, that’s the best part about performing,” Elvis Pham added in.

The eldest of the group, Pham won’t stop performing after high school. “I’m planning on being a musician alongside a computer engineer after I graduate. It’s both what I’ve wanted in order to succeed and make myself and my parents happy,” Pham said.

Don’t think there’s anything boring about them though, even at rehearsals they’re Rebels! “So rehearsals, we’ll all meet at Joel’s house and we’ll set up everything and go through whatever songs we’re working on, go through the entire set list. Sometimes, we might play a little too loud and then the neighbors come by and this one time the neighbors called the cops on us. So we gotta be careful at rehearsals,” said Edgar.

Inspiration struck like lightning when it came to the band’s name and logo. “I came up with the band name,” said Edgar. “I think that in order to be a rockstar in today’s pop-dominated world, you have to be a rebel and I want to spread love around the world through music.”

The logo on the other hand wasn’t drawn by a band member, it was drawn by junior Jade Harper. “I asked what elements Sammy wanted in and bands that they were inspired by for ideas. When Sammy asked for the sword, I thought it was missing something so I added the flowers”, said Harper.

Even though only covers of Rock N’ Roll bands are being sung by the group so far, it won’t stay that way for too much longer!

“The direction for the band right now is to shift from all covers and start doing some originals, that we’re working on,” said Edgar.

All the fans, can follow them on their Instagram at “rebel_romance_band”. They have recently performed at the Mr. Highlander Pageant, and don’t plan to stop it there. In the words of Rebel Romance, “Peace, love, music, unity, stay groovy.”