Mr. Highlander Pageant

Grace Nilsen, Campus Life Editor

Every year Royal High School hosts a fundraiser event called the Mr. Highlander Pageant. Boys in the graduating senior class sign up to participate and show off their best talent in hopes of winning the title of Mr. Highlander.

Throughout the pageant show family, friends, and small business owners bid for the silent auction. All the money raised goes to charity to help prevent suicide and bring awareness for mental health. This year’s Mr. Highlander Pageant was held on Friday, April 12, in the MPR. Family, friends, and faculty all contributed to making this night one to remember.

Mrs. Lev, a teacher and IB coordinator, was a huge part of making this night possible. Humna Ahmad, Maddie Marciano, and the rest of the class of 2019 contributed a lot of time and energy and showed great leadership in preparing for this event. Contestants brought humor and talent to this fundraiser which made it very difficult for the judges to decide a winner.

The judges were some of Royal’s finest; Mrs. Fischer, Ms. Fancett. Mr. Downey, Mrs. Marsh and Ms. Myszkowski. Many boys participated in this year’s pageant and their involvement and willingness to make a little fun of themselves made a huge impact on a great cause. Many of the boys showed off their musical talents, one played piano, and another a saxophone, one even had his band perform! Noah Balandran sang a song and Jake Piazza did an interpretive ribbon dance to a song from The Greatest Showman.

Lauren Martin, a senior who attended the pageant said, “I could not stop laughing, the boys were all so funny.” After everyone performed it was time to crown the winner. Although, the decision was tough the judges all agreed that Jake Piazza had earned the Mr. Highlander title for the 2019 Pageant. The silent auction was a success as well, with a fundraised amount of $5,000 dollars donated to the TWLOHA non-profit organization to find hope for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide.

Aaron Dawoodjie, junior, said “Watching all the seniors participate this year makes me super exited for next year’s pageant.” This night was a huge success that was fun for everyone and hopefully next year’s pageant will go just as well.