IB Info Night

Linnea Chandler, News Editor

On Tuesday February 11, Royal High celebrated and informed students and parents about our excellent International Baccalaureate program. Also, there was an excellent guest speaker, Kirk Brennan, who came and talked about the benefits.  Brennan works in the admissions office at USC, one of California’s best universities. He firmly believes in this program and how beneficial it is, in his words IB is a “global effort to make the world a better place.”

IB was started in Europe after WWII as an effort to support tolerance and understanding through higher education. Not only does this program spread understanding and diplomacy, but allows students a path to focus on their choice of studies. Brennan also stated that this program encourages “engaging students, critical thinking skills, and digging deep with the information.”

While this is a very rigorous course of study, it brings students and community closer together. With smaller class sizes teachers are able to bond and connect with students, especially since a small classroom is the ideal setting for learning new information.

Overall IB provides students an outlet to not only answer questions with numbers and dates, but understanding the information, the reasoning and logic, as well as being able to apply it to real world situations.

This is an amazing opportunity, and is so helpful when applying to colleges, and improves students thinking and reasoning skills. Not to mention, we are given a special opportunity to partake in such great classes, since we are the only high school in Simi Valley that offers IB. This program is one of many things that make us and our campus great.