IB in Disneyland

Harleen Sehmi, News Editor

On January 30, the IB (International Baccalaureate) diploma candidates went to Disneyland for a leadership retreat. Accompanied by IB teachers Mrs. Lev and Mrs. Fischer, both junior and senior diploma candidates were able to go.

Not only did students get to have fun at Disneyland but they also learned some important life lessons. Senior and full time IB diploma candidate, Chloe Tiengerd said, “This trip really helped me enhance my leadership skills and it was still fun too.”

The whole program was led by trained leadership experienced Disney workers. Walt Disney was the inspiration for the leadership ideas and program because he was such a leader himself. Some things the candidates did were participate in ice breakers, partner work, and activities on rides. They were taken around to places in the park, where each place had a meaning and showed examples of leadership. The whole idea was to help students and also teach them how to juggle many different responsibilities.

ASB president and full-time senior IB diploma candidate Humna Ahmad said, “Doing this program really helped me grow as an individual and see my potential in my future dreams.” IB diploma candidates are always having fun and getting to try many new cool things. If you are interested in doing this next year definitely sign up to be an IB diploma candidate.