Flocking fun

Calliope R., Campus Life Editor

The freshman baseball team has started the flamingo flocking fundraiser. This fundraiser puts 50 plastic pink flamingos on any persons lawn you choose for 72 hours. You can get a group together and split the cost of the $25.00 or you can pay $50.00 for 100 plastic pink flamingos to be placed on a person of your choices lawn. You can flock anyone who lives in Simi Valley or Moorpark.The price to flock someone is $25.00 plus you can buy flocking insurance to insure you don’t get flocked back. This fundraiser is a very fun way to prank your friends and it goes towards baseball. Mia Ragland, freshman,said,” I think this fundraiser is such a fun and creative fundraiser.” You can contact Mr. Furlong, ([email protected]) to schedule your flocking. To order and pay go to ASB. Donations are accepted when cleanup commences. Mr. Furlong said, “The best part is it goes on for the rest of the semester” This fundraiser is very important to the baseball team to help them buy what they need. They are very excited to continue on this tradition. Support the baseball team by getting someone flocked!