Spirit Week Carnival

Cassandra G., Campus Life Editor

One of the most exciting and fun weeks of the school year is Beat Simi Week. This year Royal decided to do something the day of the game to get the Highlanders rallied up and excited for the big night. Leadership came up with the idea to do a “Kingdom Carnival.”

The carnival was held at lunch and had different activities like pieing a teacher or coach and dunking some of the football players in a dunk tank. There was also music playing out in the quad where it was being held. Pieing a teacher was a dollar and  dunking a football player was 50 cents for a softball and a dollar for a basketball.

Some of the football players who got dunked were Gabe L., Adam F., Nick T. and  Kaden G., all juniors, and Trevor S., senior. Some of the teachers and coaches that got pied were Coach Griffin, Coach Lynnae, Mr. Dennert, Mr. Furlong and Ms. Fancett. There were lots of students gathered around, excited for the opportunity to dunk their peers and or pie Royal staff.

Lunch was extended for students to enjoy the carnival and get amped up for the night and to watch our team take on a big game. That night the football team took the win and became League champs, the first time since 2004. It was a big day and game which the Highlanders will remember and cherish.