Royal Valley Week

Julia C., Campus Life Editor

This years Royal versus Simi Spirit Week was a huge success!  Each dress up day had a different slogan to encourage Royal’s students  to be ready and pumped up for the rivalry game.  Monday was the first dress up day and our theme was “We’re Classier Than Simi.”

Students dressed up in different varieties of style to what they thought was a classier look than Simi High.  Some dressed up in designer clothing and accessories, some dressed up in country club wear, and others dressed up as frat boys.  On Tuesday, students dressed up as hippies by wearing tie dye, flower crowns, and peace signs, to dress to the theme “Peace Out Simi.” Wednesdays theme was “Simi Can’t Sit With Us,” referring to the movie “Mean Girls.” Everyone decked out in as much pink as they possibly could.  Junior Melissa G. said, “It looked like a huge kingdom of pink. I barely saw anyone who wasn’t decked out.”  On Thursday it was “PioNERD Day.” All of the students dressed up and mocked Simi High as being nerds. The big day was Friday, GAME DAY!! Of course the theme was “Beat Simi” and EVERYONE was bleeding green and gold. Senior Lexi C. said, “I love how much school spirit we have here at Royal and it shows with how many people dress up.” This years Royal versus Simi Spirit Week was so much fun especially since everyone participated.

Our school spirit also showed through at the game because our kingdom was so loud and spirited and led our team to a victory!