Rev your engine

Harleen S., News Editor

Royal High has been up and coming with new clubs this year. Car Club has just been approved and is ready to begin. Students of all grades have already signed up and ready to participate in the car club. The main goal of this club is to educate kids on cars and help them take care of them.

Student Matthew A. created the club this year because of his fascination with cars. Aliolli is currently a junior at Royal and has had his license for quite some time. His car is a 1992 Mazda Miata named Brad. To get more information on his car and what it looks like you will have to go to the next meeting. Aliolli is the president of this club and will begin holding meetings every other Friday in Mr. Alonso’s class (6-20). Vice President Fahad M., junior, said, “Car Club is very cool because it doesn’t only have students with cars involved…anyone can join.” At every meeting there will be a “car of the week” which could be any car on campus. The first car of the week was a battle between a Toyota 86 and a Subaru BRZ. The meetings will also help people to learn how to take care of their car. Senior Samih A. said, “Car club is pretty beast because I get to talk about and share one of my favorite things..CARS!”