Big City, Bright Lights

Cassi G, Campus Life Editor

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Royal High School’s annual homecoming dance had a big turnout this year. The staff and students were definitely shocked by the number of tickets sold. Royal’s homecoming dance had over one thousand people attend!

The theme for this years homecoming was “Big City, Bright Lights.” Leading into the dance, there were many fun spirit days and activities to get the school excited for the dance. There were things such as a rally, a dunk tank to dunk the football players, and of course the homecoming football game. Leadership spent night and day putting thought into planning for the dance.

The day of the dance involved a lot of last minute touches. Once it hit time for the dance, the line started forming. Everyone looked great dressed up. Homecoming is a fun time for all the students to get dressed up and see each other differently than they usually do.

Annabelle H. junior, said, “Homecoming is one of the best events of every school year. I was lucky enough to be a part of the leadership group that was responsible for planning and setting up the dance.” Annabelle spoke off of a lot of excitement.

Junior Alyssa A. said, “I always look forward to the dances of each school year. Homecoming is by far one of my favorite memories each year. It’s so fun to see everyone dressed up, dancing/singing, and just having a good time.”

Homecoming is an event that brings the students of all grade levels and from different groups together in one night to make the experience at Royal one to cherish. The students here at Royal are already ready to have the next dance and to dance another night away.

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