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Girls Trends 

Many girls of almost all ages have acrylics. Acrylics are fake nails that you can style pretty much any way you want. Recently, many girls have been getting different colored nails, or nails with glitter on the ring finger. M. Mejia, freshman, said, “Although they are sometimes expensive, I think that they’re worth it, because they’re really stylish.” The prices differ from place to place, but usually a full set is around thirty dollars, and a fill is around twenty. Different styles and shapes differ in prices. Many girls like the coffin shape, which is about five dollars extra. “I always get my nails in the coffin shape, because I think it looks better than square,” said, M. Ansaldo, freshman. Anyone, from teens to elders, like to get their nails done.

Guys Trends

Another guy trend this year that has become popular are hats by the brand Bass Pro Shop. Guys and girls have been seen wearing these brand hats in many different colors. One freshman, T. Severson, said, “I’ve been wearing Bass Pro shop hats for a long time and I have always thought they were stylish and affordable.” You can find these hats anywhere from their online shop and their stores. A sophomore, P. Van Wagener, said, “Bass Pro Shop hats are sick to wear and I love them.” These hats vary from $4.00 to $25.00 based on designs. A couple of colors they have are white, black, orange, grey, dark blue, etc. The most popular colored hats are black and white because they go with anything.


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