UCSB The Place To Be

Brooke P., Campus Life Editor

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On April 30th, Mrs. DeOliviera and Mrs. Letus took their 9th Grade English classes on a field trip to UCSB. Around 100 students went on the field trip, all of them were freshmen except for a few juniors that decided to tag along. The University of Santa Barbara agreed to have a certain amount of students from Royal on the campus. There were around 10 students per tour guide. The tour guides were current college students and told students all about UCSB and what makes it a great college. The students got to see the dorms, library, lecture halls, and many other locations. There was a variety of places to eat, which many students found to be another one of the school’s great benefits. UCSB is right by the beach and is very sports and extracurricular oriented. It also ranks 8th in U.S. Public Universities. They are also known for their high academic requirements. Their admission rate is about 32%, making it very difficult to get in.

Many freshmen were eager to ask questions about what would make their admission application look better, not just for UCSB, but other UC’s and CSU’s. Mrs. DeOliviera said, “The beauty of the campus is second to none, and the students are genuinely in love with the school.” She explained that, “this can be hard to find in a school that requires high academic performance.” Mrs Letus and Mrs. DeOliviera had a reason for organizing this field trip; their students are working on college presentations right now, and researching different colleges. This was also a great opportunity for the students to find out how to prepare for college, even if it’s still three years away. Freshman I. Haro said, “UCSB has lots of friendly people and a nice atmosphere. There are also many great programs they offer.” Overall, the field trip to The University of California, Santa Barbara was a success, and the Royal High School students had a great time.

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