Break a Leg

Teresita J., Photo Editor

The drama club has put on some amazing plays and musicals this year. The Drama club wants to make everyone in the audience is smiling and laughing. Senior S. Joice said, “We must all do theater to find out who we are, and to discover who we could become.” The drama club hosted fundraisers to make enough money to put on all of their shows. All of the drama students like to spend time together, even the newcomers. Everyone in drama club worked hard to make all the plays and musicals come together. Freshman S. Rose said, “I find theater to be a chance to escape life and your problems. As soon as you are on stage you are somebody else, you aren’t in this world. You’re in a different one.” The drama club brings everyone together and allows students to get to know each other. The school also has a drama class. The class teaches students how to act and how to work the backstage sets, lights, scene changes, and sound. Everyone thinks that drama club is just acting, but drama is also about how everything works behind the scenes. Drama club may struggle in rehearsals and tech week, but always finds a way to make the plays and musicals incredible.